WOLF OF SILVER by Pete Morss

Wolves 019

My book “We Are Different Now” is written about my oldest grandchild, Pete, and his death at age 21 and what we’ve learned since we lost him three years and one month ago. I have a little memorial area for him in my house and was re-framing a poem that he wrote when he was just one month shy of 11 years old. I read it one more time and decided that, indeed, there was another writer in our family. I should have included it in my book because, for someone that young, I think his poem is worth sharing with all of you.

Wolf of silver with your glowing eyes,
And your stealth mind
With your wild instincts
Guide me with your wisdom
And your great intelligence when you call to the moon
My heart stops with your beautiful song
And with your graceful dance.

Everything stops dead in their tracks.
The snowflakes stop falling and the owl stops screeching,
Your silver coat shines in the moonlight.
My eyes are blinded with your weary shine.

Wolf of silver, full of grace
Harmony, power and wisdom
You majestic animal with your midnight call

© November 1999 Pete Morss (Used with his mother’s permission)

You can see Pete’s picture and read about him by clicking on the “About” button at the top of the page.

(Wolves painted by Holly Cozad)


About jtzortman

Author of "WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW" - A Grandparent's Journey Through Grief, first place award winning novel "FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST" and award-winning novel "SNOW ANGEL". Contributing author to anthologies "Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides", "American Blue", "Recipes by the Book: Oak Tree Authors Cook" and "The Centennial Book of The National Society of Daughters of the Union 1861-1865". Numerous articles, poems and short stories published since 1990. Charter Member of the Public Safety Writers Association and member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Winner of ten writing awards. I live in a quaint Colorado mountain tourist town with my husband and Siamese cat. When deeps snows blanket the terrain and spectacular views from my windows, it becomes the perfect spot in which to write.
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6 Responses to WOLF OF SILVER by Pete Morss

  1. Debbie Cooper says:

    Wow Jackie….so intense for an 11 year old…I know that you said that he was born with an old sole…it sure does show up in this poem with lots of insight …..Thank you for sharing…might think of having the poem published…if there is such a thing…….He left his family a great gift with this poem….Love and a Hug to you…..


    • jtzortman says:

      Thank you, Debbie. I thought I had answered this earlier, but it must not have posted. Pete knew so much more than a person his age should know, even as a little guy. Thus, the thought that he was an old soul. Love you lots and hugs right back to you.


  2. Olivia Milton-Piatek says:

    You are correct….Pete was a writer, he just didn’t have enough time to show and share with us all!!! I remember him at that age and he was intense just like we had talked about long before how we thought that he possessed an ‘old soul’……


    • jtzortman says:

      Pete was proficient in most of the arts. He was a very talented musician on the acoustical guitar and was also a fabulous artist, plus he could do creative writing. He had such a tremendous warmth and wonderful sense of humor that I’d never considered the word “intense” to describe him, but it fits.


  3. Barbara Cummins Shepperson says:

    Loved Pete’s poem, Jackie! Thanks for sharing it with us and thanks to Barb as well.


    • jtzortman says:

      I’m so glad you like Pete’s poem, Barbara. I wish I had thought to include it in my book. Thanks for leaving a comment, so I knew you were here. I need to drum up more traffic for my blog. Books seem to be all about marketing, marketing, marketing and blogs are not much different, I’m discovering. Love you!


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