Things I’ve Learned About Myself on Google

Just for fun, did you ever sit down and Google your name?  Well, I just did that the other day and was absolutely stunned to discover that almost everything I say on the internet via the public genre is there now.  This has happened since I became a published book author nine months ago, of course.  There are pages and pages of information about myself, often accompanied with pictures, even some pictures of people that I have no clue how they connect to me, but probably via an interview.

One thing that really surprised me is that my book is now for sale on eBay. Considering that my book has only been on the market since June 2, 2013, there are some interesting prices affixed to it. There are six copies  and three of them claim to be “brand new”.  They are Cover 300x444selling for close to the retail price of $12.95, which is printed on the back cover of my book, at $10.53, $15.05 and $12.15.   $12.95 is also the price my publisher sells it for.  When I was a bookstore owner, the printed price was the one you had to sell books for unless, of course, you wanted to reduce the price for a sale.  But the real mind blowers (for me) were the ones listed as “like new” for $56.29, “very good” $56.30 and “like new” $56.87.  Geez, maybe I need to sell them on eBay personally (and I can even inscribe them) because some people are making a whole lot more money from my hard work than either myself or my publisher are enjoying.  I’m not at all upset over this, actually probably a bit envious.  Just found it to be interesting.

I was also amazed to find my book listed on a page for Zortman, Montana.  That may be the last place I expected to find it for sale inside the USA.  Obviously, there are a lot of people out there with better marketing skills than I have yet to acquire.  But I did find a set of really clever coasters with Zortman on them on that site, which I bought and we like a lot, so that was productive.

Though we are given free rein to sell our books for whatever price we choose,  I still sell it for $12.95, plus postage, unless I can simply hand it to you.  Click on the “about” link at the top of the page for all of the info about my book.

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About jtzortman

Author of "WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW" - A Grandparent's Journey Through Grief, first place award winning novel "FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST" and award-winning novel "SNOW ANGEL". Contributing author to anthologies "Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides", "American Blue", "Recipes by the Book: Oak Tree Authors Cook" and "The Centennial Book of The National Society of Daughters of the Union 1861-1865". Numerous articles, poems and short stories published since 1990. Charter Member of the Public Safety Writers Association and member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Winner of ten writing awards. I live in a quaint Colorado mountain tourist town with my husband and Siamese cat. When deeps snows blanket the terrain and spectacular views from my windows, it becomes the perfect spot in which to write.
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4 Responses to Things I’ve Learned About Myself on Google

  1. Peggy Zortman says:

    It is a crazy world we live in!


  2. Olivia Milton-Piatek says:

    Isn’t it amazing what all is out there once you plug into technology?!!! Kinda scary too….think I’ll go Google myself. ;-O


    • jtzortman says:

      Don’t know if my original replay to this went on or not. I was having trouble with my keyboard and it wouldn’t punctuate correctly. Let me know what you find out after you do the Google thang. I stopped after 16 pages. Don’t have time for it.


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