Handsome guest on our front deck.

Handsome guest on our front deck.

Who is your favorite team for the 51st Super Bowl later today?  Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight since my Denver Broncos are not involved, but I do have a favorite, though I’m not going to express it here.  As an author, I think it’s a wise idea to never get publicly involved by taking sides in politics, religion or sports. Sometimes that takes a lot of teeth gritting, but I can do this and it works for me.
With all of the civil unrest and political infighting in our normally peaceful country right now, I think watching a football game for three hours or more will be a wonderful distraction.  Have you noticed any additional stress in your own life since all you see and hear on social media or the television is who doesn’t like what and how they intend to make it known?  Perhaps they will simply peacefully march and protest or they may decide to block a highway, set buildings and cars on fire, throw rocks at the police or totally disrupt and destroy someone’s event, no matter what it is.
What all of that has done for me is simply make me spend very little time on social media sights and to watch either a funny sitcom or a good movie on television now and then.
I am reading a lot of good books instead of doing any of those other things and making great strides writing my next book called SNOW ANGEL, a sequel to FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST.  I’m also creating a few entries for the 2017 Public Safety Writers Associations Writing Competition in Las Vegas in July. The deadline for entries is May 1st, so it’s looming large.
Odd as this sounds, what is being accomplished is some of us are beginning to start living more productive lives once more and ignoring that which brings unpleasantness into our private world.  So, in my opinion, we are slowly, but surely turning something negative into something positive and that’s how it should be. There’s an old saying, “It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good.”  That’s not verbatim, but it’s close.
Where I live, we have an added contender with a winter storm warning for one to two feet of snow, starting tonight and ending sometime on Wednesday.  We’ve just enjoyed a couple of weeks of sunny, warm, snow-melting days, so looks like it’s back to winter, as usual, this time of year.
I hope your team wins today and that you enjoy  the game, the legendary Super Bowl ads and the half time show.  You can leave a comment and let me know you stopped by and, if you like, tell me what you are doing these days.
If you need a couple of good books to read, click on the “ABOUT” button at the top of this page and check mine out.
Author Jackie Taylor Zortman

Author Jackie Taylor Zortman


About jtzortman

Author of "WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW" - A Grandparent's Journey Through Grief, first place award winning novel "FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST" and award-winning novel "SNOW ANGEL". Contributing author to anthologies "Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides", "American Blue", "Recipes by the Book: Oak Tree Authors Cook" and "The Centennial Book of The National Society of Daughters of the Union 1861-1865". Numerous articles, poems and short stories published since 1990. Charter Member of the Public Safety Writers Association and member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Winner of ten writing awards. I live in a quaint Colorado mountain tourist town with my husband and Siamese cat. When deeps snows blanket the terrain and spectacular views from my windows, it becomes the perfect spot in which to write.
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7 Responses to SUPER BOWL SUNDAY 2017

  1. John M. Wills says:

    I’m rooting for the Pats. My latest novel, The Storm, is featured in our local paper today. Good luck with your WIP.


    • jtzortman says:

      Congrats on having The Storm featured in your paper today. I loved reading it, as you know. Thanks for the good luck. I have been dragging my feet and now I have my nose to the grindstone. I was waiting for Billie to come back, but gotta get that MS finished and try to get it published yet this year.


  2. Nice post, Jackie 🙂 thanks for pointing out a silver lining to this cloud over the USA. As for the football, I’m one of those who’ll watch for the ads, ha.


    • jtzortman says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. I hope the Super Bowl ads are good ones. I don’t think the more recent ones have been up to par with the hysterical ads of a few years back. Not a football fan, eh? That’s okay, too. It’s not for everybody. 🙂


  3. marilynm says:

    Didn’t watch any of it. Watched Longmire on Netflix, went to evening church, came home and went to bed.


  4. I didn’t watch it either. We had Jazz Vespers at church. I much prefer listening to great music!


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