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Welcome to doing everything in your life an hour before you want to. Even though I’m not a drinker, except for a glass of wine with dinner, I feel like I have a bad hangover today.  And to cap things off, the time change seems to roll around a little earlier each spring and stay just a little longer into the fall. What’s the story with that?

Our cat has a heart murmur and has to be medicated twice a day and given a pill every morning.  Took me awhile to figure out why he wasn’t up and waiting for me when I went downstairs this morning.  Then I realized he can’t tell time and I forgot to tell him we are movin’ on today, regardless of what his circadian rhythms are telling him.

I suppose, if you have to farm, ranch or work outdoors, it may be a productive thing to have another hour of daylight in the evening, but it only seems to mess my life completely up.  And here’s a good question. Who decides whether or not we do this and exactly when?  I’d like to talk to that person and see what logic they use to make this decision.  The popular answer to that these days would be “IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT!” However, I am not among the Trump haters, so that won’t work for me.

Meantime, I’ve changed all of the clocks in the house and didn’t realize we have so many.  My favs are the ones you just push a button and it changes automatically and the atomic clocks that do it all by themselves. I carry one of those around with me as I change the others.  

But my nemesis is still outside waiting, so I shall head out there and try to remember how to change the one in the car.  When I don’t do that, I have moments of panic while driving to an appointment thinking I am an entire hour early…or late, depending on what time of year it may be.

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About jtzortman

Author of "WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW" - A Grandparent's Journey Through Grief, first place award winning novel "FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST" and award-winning novel "SNOW ANGEL". Contributing author to anthologies "Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides", "American Blue", "Recipes by the Book: Oak Tree Authors Cook" and "The Centennial Book of The National Society of Daughters of the Union 1861-1865". Numerous articles, poems and short stories published since 1990. Charter Member of the Public Safety Writers Association and member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Winner of ten writing awards. I live in a quaint Colorado mountain tourist town with my husband and Siamese cat. When deeps snows blanket the terrain and spectacular views from my windows, it becomes the perfect spot in which to write.
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  1. mmgornell says:

    The one in my car I never change…so you can guess how that works out! (smile)


    • jtzortman says:

      Well, it must work well since you know it is off an hour at some part of the year. Your mind must be a lot sharper than my own because I’d just get confused.


  2. Peggy Z says:

    Haha! The one in the car is finally right this morning! The one high over the sink is not and I don’t know how many more time changes it can take. The sticker on the back says Mom bought it in 1972. Ranchers and farmers don’t like the time change either. They work sun up to sun down, no matter the time. I saw that the Chamber of Commerce was the real culprit. They want people to have more sunlight hours to shop.


    • jtzortman says:

      Boy, if that old clock high over the sink at the farm could only talk, huh? Hadn’t thought about the farmers working no matter what, but you are right. Just like police, doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. Do we have a national Chamber of Commerce or what? Good Lord, we can all shop in the dark, can’t we? 🙂


  3. John M. Wills says:

    I hate the time change and I think it’s time to do away with the practice.


    • jtzortman says:

      I’m with you. I haven’t slept since it started and that makes a huge difference in my world. Where do we go to complain? I think we’d have tons of supporters.


  4. Sarah Johnson says:

    My watch that I wear on my wrist is finally correct! Now I have to remember that. I’ve gone how ever long subtracting an hour!


    • jtzortman says:

      That’s funny, Sarah. It’s good to hear that DST brings something good for someone, though. But you’ve only been wrong for 4 months. It ends in November now and begins again in March. Seems stupid to me.


  5. sharonervin says:

    Mr. Yoss milked seven cows, even after he retired from the dairy business. His lament was that the cows could not tell time and bawled to be milked at their appointed biological hour. I sympathized. He and the cows are gone now. I’m glad to see here that I am not the lone holdout.


  6. amymbennett says:

    Though I’m tempted to let the one in the car be wrong for six months out of every year, I have yet to decide which six months!


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