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Does the time fly because my husband and I are growing older or is it simply the fast pace of today’s crazy world? Summer absolutely zinged past and if we had a fall season, I must have blinked because here … Continue reading

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What a nice surprise to discover my book FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST lists among the five most intriguing mysteries Caleb Pirtle III has read this year. He has 70 books on the market and a long and impressive career as … Continue reading

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When Glen Campbell recently left this earth, someone posted his rendition of “Amazing Grace” on Facebook.  In that version, he played the bagpipes.  I have to say it is the first time I’ve ever thought bagpipes sounded absolutely beautiful.  Did … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s true and I thought it would never be here. Like many prisoners, I am actually crossing the days off on the tiny calendar that sits in front of my computer monitor. Will my husband get to return to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Writing Style?

Here I sit in the midst of writing my third book, SNOW ANGEL, my second fiction novel and sequel to FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST.  Trust me, with all the rest of life that takes so much time, this has been … Continue reading

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Personally, I have a suspicion that everybody secretly looks at published authors and thinks to themselves, “Big deal.  I could write a book, too.” You know what? They probably can because writing a book is comparatively easy. After your book is finished … Continue reading

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What a glorious day April has brought for us to enjoy in the warmth and sunshine of spring!  Living at an altitude of 8000 feet in the southwestern Colorado mountains, winters can be long.  Quite often, we see only snow … Continue reading

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