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This Sizzling Summer

We are half-way through July and where I live in the southwestern mountains of Colorado, it is uncharacteristically HOT and it is unusually DRY. We have numerous wildfires burning all around us and one is close enough to occasionally bring a lot of … Continue reading

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What’s in the old wooden box in SNOW ANGEL?

In this second Detective Max Richards book, he and his sister inherit their mother’s estate and find an ornate old wooden box on a shelf in her bedroom closet. The amount of dust on it indicates it has long been … Continue reading

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Does the time fly because my husband and I are growing older or is it simply the fast pace of today’s crazy world? Summer absolutely zinged past and if we had a fall season, I must have blinked because here … Continue reading

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Who is your favorite team for the 51st Super Bowl later today?  Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight since my Denver Broncos are not involved, but I do have a favorite, though I’m not going to express … Continue reading

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On Friday night, January 6, 2017 at 6:15 PM, one of our carbon monoxide alarms suddenly went live.  It wouldn’t stop, even when I took it outside.  When the second one alarmed, I called 911 and the police and fire … Continue reading

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On December 30, 1988 my oldest grandchild, Pete, was born to my daughter on my son’s 25th birthday. He was beautiful both inside and out from that moment until he died tragically on his mother’s 49th birthday on July 5, … Continue reading

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Fall has arrived in the southwestern Colorado mountains where I live and, as expected, it has been spectacular.  It’s dwindling now and nearly over since we’ve had a couple of snows and some pretty low nighttime  temperatures, some dipping down … Continue reading

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Living high in the Colorado mountains, I have a myriad of wild and domestic animals right outside my door, often right up on the deck.  I’ve spent the summer watching birds of all kinds along with ground squirrels, chipmunks, Pine squirrels, Rock … Continue reading

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Here are some things I learned this morning. Some of it came to light the minute I opened my eyes. The rest took about 15 minutes. Here’s a list: A toilet can stop itself up in the night, even if … Continue reading

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When we first moved here 35 years ago, I was absolutely stunned at the festivities and enormous crowds that come to this little mountain town to celebrate July 4th.  After an early morning fund raiser breakfast (7:00-9:00 AM) for the Mountain … Continue reading

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